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  • Poisonous Plants

    There are many poisonous plants, trees and shrubs growing on the island of Puerto Rico that can represent a potential health hazard; the Manchineel (Manzanillo, Hippomane mancinella) found only on the island coastal plain, exudes a caustic milky juice that can cause severe burns, swelling and even temporary blindness. Many species have toxic fruits, seeds or leaves, while others have irritating sap or hairs which can cause moderate to severe dermatitis.

    Fortunately, there are few of these poisonous plants, shrubs and trees growing in the recreational areas of the El Yunque National Forest, and these can be easily identified and avoided. See the guide below and visit this link to get more detailed information: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/elyunque/learning/nature-science/?cid=fsbdev3_042885&width=full