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  • La Mina Trail

    Status: CLOSED


    There are a number of covered picnic shelters (built of native stone by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the 1930’s) available to hikers or picnickers near the trailhead. Each shelter has picnic tables, a barbeque and running water taps.


    The La Mina trail is the most popular, hence the most heavily traveled trail on the EYNF. The trail follows the course of the La Mina River, a designated Wild and Scenic River, downward through lush tropical trees, shrubs and flowers to the La Mina waterfall (Cascada La Mina). Along the way, it crosses and re-crosses the rushing river on many small bridges, passing tiny cascades and still pools filled with chilled mountain water, on its way to the falls.


    Cascada La Mina (La Mina Falls) is an exquisite waterfall that drops over 35 feet through a jumble of huge rocks into a lovely pool where hikers can choose to swim in the cool refreshing water or merely rest and enjoy the view. Water temperature is 60 – 65 degrees F.


    Location: PR 191, km 12.2; starting at the Palo Colorado Information Center. Parking is available in two adjacent paved parking lots, as well as at designated areas along the road.

    Distance: 0.7 miles (1.1 km)

    Time: 30 to 45 minutes, one-way

    Elevation: 2132 – 1640 feet

    Difficulty: Challenging; it has several sets of winding concrete stairs that can make the return trip somewhat arduous.

    Amenities: Several rain shelters; Parking

    Special Safety Messages: Congested Area – consider coming earlier in the day. Be aware of the weather and flash flooding. Pack it in, Pack it Out: There are no trash cans so please take your trash with you so it doesn’t end up in the river. This is NOT a picnic area- do not take consumable products.